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Corrigendum for purchase of Rack Server and Layer -2 PoE Switches

The due date and time for submitting the quotations for  Rack Server and Layer -2 PoE Switches has been extended till November 10, 2016 04:00 PM.

  Dated: 04/11/2016
1. 17/09/2021 Software Subscription for 1 Year to conduct Web Conferencing/ Webinars etc.
2. 22/07/2020Software to conduct Web Conferencing/ Webinars
3. 11/10/2018Corrigendum for quotations regarding Laying of OFC Cable, Purchase of Miscellaneous items and Laying of UTP Cable respectively
4. 26/09/2018Quotations for the miscellaneous items
5. 26/09/2018Quotations for laying of OFC Cable
6. 26/09/2018Quotations for Items and works for laying of UTP cables
7. 26/09/2018Quotation for items and works for laying of UTP cables
8. 26/09/2018Quotation for laying of OFC Cable
9. 26/09/2018Quotations for Purchase of OFC Items
10. 20/06/2018Quotations Various items
11. 05/06/2018Antivirus Software
12. 05/06/2018SMF/VRLA batteries along with buy back options with existing Hi- Power and Amaron Quanta batteries
13. 04/11/2016Corrigendum for purchase of Layer -2 PoE Switches
14. 14/10/2016Quotation invitation for Layer-2 PoE Switches
15. 14/10/2016Quotation invitation for Rack Server
16. 12/04/2016Quotation invitation for items required for OFC termination
17. 12/04/2016Quotation invitation for Antivirus software
18. 22/12/2015Quotations for SSL Certificates
19. 22/07/2015Quotation Invitation for 10-G XFP Transceivers
20. 17/06/2015Quotation Invitation for Rack-Mountable Server
21. 15/06/2015Quotations for works
22. 15/06/2015Quotations for OFC
23. 15/06/2015Quotations for HDPE Pipe
24. 23/02/2015Quotation for laying of UTP cables in New Buildings

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